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We need a little Summer Holiday...
from Monday, August 2, 2021 to Friday, August 13, 2021.

We do hope that you can also enjoy your rest during this holiday period!
We'll be back on Monday August 16, and we'll be happy to help you then.
F O O D  F O R U M  F L O R I A D E
Leembouw Nederland has contributed to this unique project.

Food Forum is a meeting place for food experts.
The Flevoland Food Forum pavilion is more than four meters below sea level in the Floriade Park in Almere. The building makes the story of Flevoland visible in a unique way by lifting a 5 meter thick layer of Flevoland soil to the sea level line.
Food Forum was designed by the architectural firm DoepelStrijkers and was inspired by the principles of Nature Based Building. As far as possible, this has been combined with the principles of the circular economy, translated into 'circular construction'.

Tierrafino BASE clay was used for the interior ceiling and finished with Tierrafino T-Paint clay structure paint in black, treated with mother-of-pearl.

Food Forum Floriade Almere
The outer wall is constructed with a wooden wall set in stone gauze with Tierrafino Air Lime coarse and a 2nd layer of Air Lime fine. Color: Black - to represent the Earth. See also the DoepelStrijkers website. The façade is coated in Tierrafino PROtect - a Biobased resin impregnation that has been specially developed in collaboration with Impershield for application on clay and lime. Contact us for more information about this wonderful project and our wonderful products!
Food Forum Floriade Almere
S U M M E R  W O R K S H O P 

W I T H  S P E C I A L  D I S C O U N T !
Learning to work with clay and at the same time contributing to the new school that will be located next to the Molen van Sloten, Amsterdam.
We offer this workshop at a very special rate:
1st day € 100, 2 days € 50, from 3 days: free.
The workshop will be held from 2 to 6 August, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Be quick about it because there are only a limited number of places!!!
For participation please contact us via tel: +31-20-689 25 15 or via

Sleipnir Coöperatie

Recently Tierrafino has joined the companies and entrepreneurs that are members of the Sleipnir Cooperative.
Sleipnir is working on an economy that is future-proof   with respect for people and the earth & a fair distribution of wealth. A philosophy that fits perfectly with Tierrafino!
Together with the companies affiliated with the Sleipnir Foundation, we work together on mutual availability of capital. We are also working to neutralize our company's property. Neutralize meaning that the company is then no longer private property, but 'its own'. This way we can shape the future of Tierrafino for our stakeholders, our customers, our employees, and our planet, for now and for our future generations!

As an entrepreneur, do you also want to actively contribute to a different economy?
Are you looking for an opportunity to contribute to that different economy?
Find out here what Sleipnir stands for and what we want to set in motion.
* L E E M  I N  T H E  R A I N *

What is the rate of decay?

An experiment: from February 2020 to June 2021, 3 clay plaster mockups measuring 60 x 133 cm were exposed to wind and weather. This was part of the MUD HOUSE project/event, which unfortunately could not take place in the summer of 2020, due to Corona.

This video was made in connection with an exhibition in the ABC Architecture Center in Haarlem, where the 'winning' mockup can be viewed from July 10, 2021.

Bela, an artist (and still a student at the Rietveld academy) wanted to bring people from different backgrounds together with the project. She calls it a Community Building where there is talk of 'the art is happening now'. Sandra, architect, made the design based on that idea. Mud House is made of clay. Clay is not only biobased, but also pleasant to handle and in the interior it ensures a good moisture balance and it is fire-resistant.

The Exhibition can be seen as part of "From Container to Circularity" in the ABC Architecture Center Haarlem  from 10-7-2021 to 4-10-2021. Nice to get inspiration!

For more information and impressions, see the SA Design website.
After the holidays  we will continue with (almost) every Friday morning having a TFM - Technical Friday Morning for the professional (check for availability), in the Tierrafino Atelier. In addition to a tour of our company, we will update you completely about our products and/or discuss a project you are working on and would like to have support or advice for. You may register via this LINK
P R E T T Y  P R O J E C T S
Karl Lagerfeld Studios Amsterdam
A special color of the TIERRAFINO CONCRETE LOOK clay paint gives the Karl Lagerfeld Studios a modern look that completely matches the style of the master! The monochrome color palette, predominantly black, gray and white, is a translation of the subtle elegance of the Karl Lagerfeld brand.
Tierrafino has been a 100% sustainable pioneer since 1990 and the first to bring colored clay plasters and clay paints to the market. We work with 100% natural raw materials from carefully selected European quarries. Choose Tierrafino and you are assured of a beautiful, healthy, honest and high-quality product: for now and for our future generations.
For more information: please contact us on and our website
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